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開啟Support後,選擇Basic Support

在類別中選擇Configuring Team Service,然後再選擇Changing Account Region

之後,就回答一些表單上問題,就可以把需求寄出去。根據經驗來說,如果是要講國語的,基本上會是由微軟上海的客服中心打來跟你詢問一些問題。如果是白天填寫,運氣好的話,大概2~3小時就會接到微軟客服電話,電話大概就基本問一些問題,另外,如果你不是VSTS的Account Owner是無法做這項變更的,此外,如果在Support上面留下的聯絡Email與Account Owner Email不同,也會多問問問題。


  • What is the current region where the VSTS account resides (for example, United States)?
  • What is the target region where the VSTS account should be migrated (for example, Western Europe)? Currently the supported region are listed as below (Hong Kong is for East Asia)
  • Some downtime will be required to complete the migration (~5 hrs). As such, please provide a good date and time (in UTC) during which the migration can occur.
    • For example, any night between 13:00 - 21:00 UTC, or anytime on weekends.
    • Please allow us the 2-3 days of pre-work, before the date you hope the move to happen, thanks a lot for your understanding.
  • Please explain the reason for this request; was the desired region not available at the time you created your account? Was your account created in an unexpected region?
  • Do you use the hosted XAML build controller? It’s not supported now but we hope to confirm if you still have it in your VSTS account.